Union Square Park

Born and raised in DC, I also lived in Brooklyn NY for 18 years. I was a street vendor in Union Square park, SoHo, Williamsburg, and wherever could find a place to set up and engage the public. I loved the energy of NYC and learned so much from the many eclectic, opinionated souls of this city. Most of my work was inspired by my experiences there. 

In studio, Brooklyn NY

Today, I live back in DC, where I continued my passion for art and street vending. I have for the past few years, been displaying and selling at DC's Eastern Market, ArtRave, and other special events. I've had the chance to engage the public face to face, and meet some of the best people in this city. For that I am grateful. 

Eastern Market winter, DC

Moving on, I look forward to the changes that are coming. Though we live in dark times, there is both opportunity and revelation. The opportunity to reset, to rebuild, to regenerate and start new. To learn from what's being revealed, a spiritual battle between life and death. In gratitude, faith and courage we will engage it.